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Fall & Halloween Pet Safety in East Village

We all love to enjoy the autumn weather with our pets, but this season presents its own set of dangers. Learn how to recognize fall and Halloween hazards so your pets can enjoy a safe, healthy, and happy fall season! Check out the following fall and Halloween pet safety tips.

Autumn Safety Tips for Pets

  • Keep warm. If you shaved your pet’s coat for the summer, let it grow out now. They’ll need a thick crop of fur to keep them warm this winter!
  • Keep exotics warm. Fall is a great time to cool your home with open windows, but take care of your exotic friends when you do this. Your reptiles and some birds can get chilled with a cool breeze, so keep them out of drafty areas!
  • Mice and rodents like to take shelter in our homes when the weather cools. If using rodenticides, keep them well out of reach of paws, beaks, claws, or any rodents of your own!
  • Despite the cooler weather, parasites such as ticks and fleas are still active. Ticks can be active through November, while fleas can take shelter in our warm homes. Keep up parasite prevention all year long!
  • Antifreeze. This gooey liquid has a very sweet and enticing smell for cats and dogs. Make sure you store it out of their reach and always clean up spills right away!
  • Take safer walks. Now that it’s fall, the days are getting shorter, which means your early evening walks are getting darker and darker. Take some extra precautions to stay safe such as walking in well-lit areas, carrying a light, and wearing bright clothing. You can even get collars and necklaces for your dog that are lit for clear visibility!

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

  • Costumes can be awfully cute on your pet, but they can also cause them some discomfort and irritation. Try your pet’s costume on them a night or two before Halloween to see how they react in it. If they seem unhappy, it may be best to stick to a festive bandana instead.
  • Human costumes. When the whole family is clad in masks, makeup, and ghoulish outfits, it can sometimes make your pet uneasy because it’s harder for them to recognize you. This uncertainty could cause fear or even aggression. If they seem disgruntled, take your pet to their crate or a cozy back room where they can relax in peace for the evening.
  • Flickering candles, lit jack-o’-lanterns, fake cobwebs, and electric lights are all quite interesting to our curious pets and could result in some not-so-subtle investigations. Place all open flames well out of reach of wagging tails or flapping wings, and be sure to secure electrical cords away from whiskered noses or snapping beaks! For all decorations you can’t secure away, always supervise your pet around them.
  • Chocolate and candies that contain xylitol are toxic to our cats and dogs, and your scaly and feathered friends, too. Candy wrappers and lollipop sticks are also a gastrointestinal obstruction just waiting to happen! Keep all candy stored away from your pet!
  • Keep all exotic pets safely in their cages. Birds, ferrets, and reptiles can all be tempted by a constantly opening door and may bolt out. These pets are even harder to find than cats and dogs once lost, although a microchip can greatly change these odds. Ask your veterinarian about microchips at your next appointment!

Have any questions about fall and Halloween pet safety for your cats, dogs, and exotic pets? Contact our animal hospital or ask us at your next appointment!


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