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I met Xaver in 1997 at a Petland Discount store and immediately fell in love with him. At that time, I was an unmarried student living with 2 hamsters. After a lot of thought, I took Xaver home, and called my parents in Germany to tell them that my little rodent family had just grown by one member. They were appalled. They told me that they couldn’t take care of three animals if I had to travel and leave them at their place. Extremely saddened by their reaction, I took Xaver back to the store in tears. I spent the rest of that day at several Manhattan pet stores looking at other guinea pigs, and by the evening, I decided I had to have that furry little pig. I took Xaver back home, promising that I would never leave him again.

Xaver has since brought much happiness to me and my whole family. He brought my husband and me together (that is a very long, but funny story) and my parents ultimately fell in love with him. He won their hearts so much that one of the last wishes of my deathly ill father was to see “his little Xaver” once more. So Xaver took one of his many transatlantic flights to be a part of a heartwarming reunion.

Xaver is a very brave little piggy who has had serious tooth problems that have sent him to the hospital numerous times. Thanks to the hgreat efforts and love of the St. Marks Vet. Hospital staff, and his wife Emelia, he pulled through, continuing to enrich our lives with his delightful disposition. He is extremely chatty, playful, fearless of strangers, and he purrs every time someone pets him.

Because of our love for this animal, my husband and I have adopted/rescued a total of 4 pigs: Xaver’s wife Emelia, Greta Garbo (an abused piggy who was blind, and sadly passed away last year), James Fuzz (a neglected 00.7 Pig Agent), and Francine (from the New Jersey Animal Shelter). Xaver and Emelia have appeared in Browntrout’s Guinea Pig Calendar two years in a row, and Xaver was selected to be the millennium cover piggy of 2001! James and Francine will also appear in that calendar in years to come. Xaver showed me and my whole family what wonderful creatures guinea pigs are.