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Read what our clients have to say about St. Marks Veterinary Hospital! If you would like to add a testimonial to this page, please send an email or call us at (212) 477-2688

Scooter is telling all her friends what a wonderful place St. Mark's is! We will be telling everyone to go to St. Mark's.

We are so appreciative of your care for Scooter. Our cat is doing very well because of your dedicated knowledge and professionalism. Your communication with us during her dental procedure and the days following was very impressive. We are grateful to you all for all that you have done!

Thank you for calling.
-Sister Linda and the Sisters

Two weeks ago, after my Australian King Parrots daily routine of flight exercise. My Husband casually told me he had given him a few bites of Guacamole. I ran to my phone and called Sally and told her what had happened. She said get him here quickly as possible. As I was making my way to them, Sally had already made several calls to her specialist friends. I rushed in to find Sally waiting to take JOJO. After giving him charcoal and fluids, Sally watched over JOJO for several hours. The next 72 hours was going to be longest time in my life to see if he was going to make it. Sally's team went beyond the call of duty checking up on us and giving me love and support. Words can not express how happy I am that Sally and her team are in New York and JOJO's Veterinarian. HE MADE IT !!! this bird is a fighter.
-Rodney Keith Folkerts

Years ago in Novemberi-ish I think (or mid-1987) so I was an early client/patient.

I can never tell you how much all your love, care and expertise from you and your colleagues have meant to me (and now to Gerry) over all these years. You have demonstrated not only incredible skill and wisdom but also the professionalism to reach out to others for their experience or expertise should they be specialists to provide the best information and care possible. You and your crew have made such a difference in my life and the lives of all my babies as well as always being a very dear friend. I cannot compliment you and your practice enough to equal the appreciation and admiration I have for you, Sally.

All our love - from the bottom of my heart and the hearts and souls of all my babies in the past - for all you and your team have meant and done for us over the years.

Again, congratulations.
Barbara (and Memphis, Homer, Misty, Mabi)

Our Dear Dr. Sally Haddock,
How lucky Rigby & we are to have you as his loving, caring, attentive, wise, sensitive & compassionate Veterinarian. Rigby is our miracle dog, you are our miracle Doctor. I was completely out of sorts today/tonight, but you along with our children (on speaker phone) put everything in perspective. Rigby will go to doggie heaven on HIS terms & at HIS time. Your excellent diagnosis & treatment, along with your extra special team of doctors, technicians & sensitive, accommodating staff, have made Rigby's 13++ yrs of life that much more worth living. Thank you for all that you do, not only for our incredible EverReady, long life he just keep on ticking Rigby", but for all those Rigby's out there that you love & care for...

You are a remarkable woman, person & Veterinarian.

With Grateful Appreciation,
Rigby, Kathi, Rich, Samantha & Benjamin

Today 4/3/14. When we almost counted him out...Again...xo