Why Senior Wellness Care is So Important for Pets


As our pets grow older, their bodies are changing and the team at St. Mark’s Veterinary Hospital is here to meet their needs. We provide senior wellness examinations specifically tailored to the unique needs of aging pets, and to your pet’s particular needs, depending on their age, health status, and more.

Our pets are prone to hiding signs of weakness, pain, and discomfort so we may not be able to identify health conditions in our own pets just by looking at them. For this reason, we recommend that all pets over the age of seven have biannual health checks with nose-to-tail examinations from our veterinarians. We may also prescribe detailed diagnostics to check for hidden health problems that can be identified through blood tests, urinalyses, fecal tests, and more.

How Can Senior Wellness Care Benefit Your Pet?

When your pet receives biannual check-ups in their senior years, their expected lifespan can increase! As we identify potential health problems early enough, treatment can be administered in a timely, more affordable, and more effective manner. Pets will have improved quality of life in their later years and may lead longer, happier lives as a result!

Schedule a Visit with the St. Mark’s Veterinary Hospital Team

If your pet is over the age of 7 and ready for a senior wellness check-up, we invite you to contact our team to get them headed in the right direction on the road to good health. Schedule a visit with us today!