5 Pet Safety Tips for Valentine’s Day


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As you’re busy showering your loved ones with chocolates, roses, and otherValentine’s Day goodies, why not get your pet a nice gift, too? Just make sure it’s safe! Consider these five Valentine’s Day tips from St. Marks Veterinary Hospital to keep your four-legged friend safe and happy this weekend.

Chocolate and Xylitol Toxicity

Who can resist the sweet, decadent taste of chocolate? It can be just as tempting to your pet as it is to you, but no matter how much your pet begs, don’t give in! Chocolate is actually toxic to pets, potentially resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, a fast heart rate and even seizures, depending on the amount and type of chocolate ingested. Dark chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate. Another toxic sweet treat is any food that contains the sugar substitute xylitol. This is commonly found in sugarless gum. If consumed by your pet, xylitol can cause hypoglycemia and/or liver failure. As a rule of thumb, keep all the sweets out of your pet’s reach, and give your pet some dog or cat treats instead.

Lily Toxicity for Cats

Lilies are known to be highly toxic and even potentially fatal to cats. If a cat eats a lily plant, is exposed to the pollen, or drinks the water from the vase, the ingestion can result in kidney failure. To ensure your cat is safe, make sure there aren’t any lilies in the Valentine’s Day flower bouquets that you bring home.

A cat nibbling on lilies and daisies in a vase

A cat nibbling on lilies and daisies in a vase

Dangers of Ribbons and Bows

These stringy, shimmery decorations can easily draw the eye of a curious pet—especially cats—but ingesting these items can be very dangerous, resulting in intestinal blockage. Keep an eye on your pet while you’re wrapping and bagging your Valentine’s Day gifts and while you’re opening your own.

Safe Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

 Luckily, not EVERYTHING about Valentine’s Day is dangerous for pets. You can certainly show your four-legged friend that you love him or with a new collar, toy, treat, or maybe even a nice new sweater. You may also want to try making a new toy or treat with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Spend Quality Time with Your Pet

Is your pet more of the outdoor type? If so, why not take him or her for a nice Valentine’s Day walk and tack on a few extra minutes to the fun to show your love? You can also play catch or some other game that you and your pet can participate in together. Your pet will love the extra attention!

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