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Pet Sugery in New York

Your Pet's Surgery

At St. Marks Veterinary Hospital, we are fully equipped to provide complete surgical services for our patients. Veterinary surgery is safer than ever before, with high-quality surgical instruments used to provide the best possible care to pets.

Elective and Major Surgery

We provide both elective surgeries and major surgeries for our patients. Our team of veterinarians are skilled and experienced surgeons, and our compassion for animals aids us in providing excellent care. We are constantly striving to make our patients as comfortable as possible before, during, and after their procedures. Answering your questions about your pet's care is important to us too, and we'll be happy to discuss your pet's specific needs with you.

Pet Laser Surgery in New York

Laser Surgery for Pets

One of the most advanced surgical options we provide at St. Marks Veterinary Hospital is laser surgery. We were among the first in New York City to provide the benefits of this surgical option for your pet, and we continue to offer this state-of-the-art service. Laser surgery is performed with such precision that it allows the surgical patient to:

As always, the team at St. Marks Veterinary Hospital is proud to provide these better options for your pet! We also work closely with a traveling, board certified surgeon, Dr. Phil Pacchiana, in cases where referrals are needed.

We also use our surgical laser to perform declaws for cats, introducing a safer and more humane option than traditional declaw surgeries. We do recommend nail clipping or the use of Soft Paws before proceeding with laser declaw for cats.

Avian and Exotic Surgery

Laser surgery is an incredible option for avian and exotic pets as well. Because most exotics are small creatures, they are at a much greater risk in surgery. Blood loss for a small animal is significantly more dangerous! Laser surgery offers us peace of mind and a safer alternative to traditional surgery for these little creatures.

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Anesthesia Monitoring

Perhaps one of the greatest surgical services we provide is anesthesia monitoring. In the past, this was a service provided only in human medicine, but it is now considered a necessary part of veterinary care. At St. Marks Veterinary Hospital, we provide the most advanced anesthesia services and surgical monitoring, making pet surgery as safe as possible.

Anesthesia is not one-size-fits-all. Each of our surgical patients is required to undergo a complete physical examination and blood screening prior to their procedure, helping us to make determinations about their risks. We individualize anesthesia for each of our patients, based on the results of their blood testing, physical examinations, surgery type, and more. Our automated surgical monitoring tools also help make surgery more efficient. For your pet's added safety, they will not only be monitored by equipment but also by a specially assigned veterinary technician who will add the human factor to the surgical monitoring process. During your pet's surgery they will be monitored for:

Each surgical patient is also administered an IV catheter for fluids and for the quick administration of medications, if needed.

Pain Management

At St. Marks Veterinary Hospital, we don't like seeing pets in pain, so we provide an active pain management protocol for all surgical patients. Our veterinary team actively seeks to identify and alleviate pain that our patients may be experiencing, because we strongly believe that comfort leads to faster healing.

We provide pain medications before, during, and after surgical procedures, and often prescribe medications for you to take home for your pet to use as needed.

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