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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Our pets age so much faster than we do, and that's easy enough to forget while they're young, but once they become seniors it's a different story. Our senior pets have different needs from our younger pets. As they age, they have a weaker immune system, a stronger tendency toward illness and commonly suffer from the discomfort of arthritis, as well as other aging changes. We recommend that senior pets, or pets over the approximate age of seven years, have physical examinations more often. Twice yearly visits are important to help us catch physical health problems before they advance and provide effective treatment early. Six months in human life equates to two years in our pets' lives, in terms of the aging process, therefore necessitating more frequent exams.

As the owner of a senior pet, it is important for you to observe changes in your pet's behaviors as these changes can signal that something is wrong. However, some things can easily go unnoticed, especially weight changes. Bringing your pet to us twice yearly can help identify these more subtle changes. We can help by running diagnostic tests to determine the causes of these changes and making recommendations for treating these problems effectively.

Signs of Aging in Dogs

Senior Pet Care

Signs of Aging in Cats

Senior Pet Check-ups

Even if your pet is not exhibiting these signs yet, a biannual check-up can still benefit them. Diagnostic tests may show signs of developing illnesses or discomfort that we will be able to treat before the disease has progressed too far. Help us make your pet's golden years a joy and comfort for both of you!

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