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Last February our beloved wiener dog, Maxie, died at the ripe old age of fifteen. Our grief was enormous; we missed the warmth, energy, and love of our little “fur ball.”

We couldn’t imagine ever having another dog then, but by summer, things had changed. It was time for a new “fur,” and it definitely was going to be a dachshund. Our daughter though, was adamant that the new dog not look anything like Maxie, a black and tan longhaired tweenie. So we decided on a red longhaired standard. We told ourselves, “Yes, that’s the dog we want. Absolutely, positively.

But when we started looking seriously, there wasn’t a red longhaired standard puppy to be found. Faced with waiting for the kind of dog we wanted or getting one when we wanted, we chose the latter. After September 11th, the loving presence of a dog was more important than ever. And once we let go of our fixed ideas, we found the dog we really needed—our Misty, the adorable mini wire-wiener you see here. She’s a hit with the staff at St. Mark’s—and with us!