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One sunny afternoon on July 15, 1996, my husband surprised me with a pretty little yellow bird in a white dome shaped cage. We thought that we had a canary until we started reading books on birds and found out that we had a budgie. We noticed even later that our budgie was really an angel in disguise. Little did we know the impact that 35 grams would have on our lives.

We first named our little feathered one “mister.” We later gave him the middle name of “precious.” We tried to provide a happy and peaceful home. In return we received unconditional love and affection. He bonded with both of us so we had hours of play-time together. No clipped wings here! Once we opened the door to his “house” it was freedom until bedtime. Observant & bright, mister-Precious gave respect to the phrase “bird brain.” Already being human parents, we enjoyed our unique relationship (plus Mister always listened).

Suddenly “Mister-Precious” became ill…off and on for several months never quite making a full recovery. He tried to recuperate and we prayed for a miracle. On 12/9/99 he groomed his bright yellow feathers for the last time. “Empty nest” now has a different meaning for us. Gone but not forgotten, we’re grateful for our time together. We learned to appreciate the “little things” in life. We now understand that “heaven was missing an angel.”

P.S. We found out after he left that ‘he’ was a ‘she.’