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Madison, a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.

Madison is an exuberant, high energy, very vocal bundle of feathers that adores attention! This beautiful funny 11 year old parrot loves being pampered and petted. Her home away from home is St. Marks’ Vet where she has trained the staff to pet her under the wings and feed her banana bread, muffins, etc. (stuff that mom doesn’t give her). After her visits, she often has smudges of pink lipstick on her white feathers, from all the kisses she receives. This affectionate bird likes to eat bananas, mangos, carrots, apples, sweet potatoes and cheese. Because of Madison, there is always fresh, healthy food in the house. She laughs, screams, jumps, chews on wood, unties knots, hangs upside down, and takes showers on her special perch. Madison loves to give kisses, cuddle under my arm, hold food and toys with her left foot, and ride around on my shoulder. What a sweetie pie, she’s my best friend!

Birdie tip: Cook carrots and serve warm, soft pieces-they love it. Amazing fact: Madison uses a ‘tool’ to scratch behind her head. Reality: parrots are a handful, take a lot of care, and time, need to eat properly, be kept very clean, crave a lot of personal contact-but are well worth it as they give back so much!