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Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll is the most social, dog-loving dog I’ve ever seen. Every dog is an opportunity to him. Ears pulled forward, tail swaying, all wrinkles, he’s just gotta have that dog.

All the lap time my breeder gave him made him Guiness Book squishy, squishy squishy squishy, and of course it’s most apparent in bed, where he’s always pressed maximally against me.

Jelly Roll (or J Ro for short—pun intended) has extraordinary energy for a basset. In fact he’s shockingly fast. He also won’t stop climbing and jumping, and he’s cobra-fast scavenger and a sneaky kleptomaniac. Laughing children cause him to howl. And when he’s in hot pursuit of game, he sounds like a seal.

Ernie Munick, dogwalker/musician/owner of Jelly Roll