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In loving memory of Hairry, who passed away in November, 2011

“I’m just wild about Hairry…”

4 ½ years ago, I was helping a friend who had knee surgery organize her “mess” room in preparation for some home improvement. My friend said neither she nor the young kids could really give the guinea pig much attention, would I take him? I took a pile of books into the kids’ room and said out loud, “we’re thinking of you coming home with me.” He stopped and looked at me. Really.

I went home, and for a week couldn’t get the little piggy out of my mind with his sweet nose and hair shooting in all directions. So, I went back and brought him home. I didn’t really have a place for him in my apt, so I sectioned off part of my hail with cardboard so he could run around. I was afraid of him at first, but finally just picked him up and help him close and he began to “purr.”

“Have pig, will travel” Hairry has been up and down the East coast and out to Ohio to visit his extended family. Sometimes we go upstate and he will eat the leaves and grass as I tour the colors or go to the driving range. Each night I put him against my belly and wrap the bottom of a sweatshirt around him and he really rests. When he wakes up he climbs up under my chin for a while and then starts nibbling it. By now we have our nose to nose interaction down pat.

He was the best pet ever. This fall he would have turned 5. A birthday munch upstate was planned for him.