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George, Jeb, Freddy, Fuzzy, Shunicki, and Lexington

I would like to introduce you to my birds-three Redfactors, George, Jeb, and Freddy, a Glouster, Fuzzy, a Corona, Shunickie, and one darling Sparrow, Lexington. They all have been with me over two years and are all in the best of health.

Surely they receive the best of care-clean cages, fresh food and water, vitamins. They love to take a bath every day in their Olympic size private swimming pool and sometimes twice a day, depending on the weather.

They wake up each morning at 7am so I never use an alarm clock. They live to be covered by 7:30pm for their retirement in the evening. They own my apartment to fly freely but they prefer to sit on top of their cage.

From these little creatures I have received a liberal education. They supply me with endless entertainment and good cheer. They are delightful companions, and deserve the best I can offer to make them happy.

Gulcin Brunson