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CHEERIO: a pure-breed golden retriever who hails from the outer banks of Long Island.

Here’s CHEERIO at about 3 months at his second home in Connecticut. This was taken about a month after his debut for OLD NAVY. He’s the puppy who’ll be on their T-shirts, mugs and hangtags in September, along with his raven-haired brother.

At first, CHEERIO was snobbish about being in the big city, but now he’s quite enamored of Washington Square Park and is, of course the toast of the town. He never goes more than half a block before being stopped by dog and human alike, just so that they can have that wagging tail and joyful face close to theirs.

His modeling days have just begun, but as he gets older he plans to give something back and will be in training to become a therapy dog. He’ll go into homes for the sick and elderly and lick their faces which will, no doubt, make them very happy. He’s very, very good at making all kinds of humans feel better, and so he’d like to help.

Here’s to you, CHEERIO, for bringing so much joy into our lives.