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Cary came into my life one brisk evening. I accidentally walked into a pet shop when I heard someone say “Hello, hello.” I turned around and saw this 7 month old double yellow headed Amazon parrot looking at me.

Before long, I was a regular visitor at the pet store. Cary, as I called him (after Cary Grant), would play with me through the bars of the cage.

One day, on one of my short visits, I was told Cary was to be given to a charity organization. By this time he had developed a lazy eye. The veterinarian to whom he went said that the only way that he might get better was with enough love.

He then came home with me and today he is a happy, healthy parrot. He amuses me by calling me ‘Ma’ and saying, “I Love Cary.” One evening during dinnertime, he grabbed my spoon and started eating by himself.

Whenever I take him places, he greets people with a wave and a shake of the hand. I will always be grateful for the day I went into that pet shop.