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Bosie-Cancer Survivor

Bosie: Mega Model, Cancer Survivor, and Pet of the Millennium

Bosie is rumored to be a Glasgow Piper, the last survivor of an outlawed breed from the remotest part of the Scottish Hebrides. Originally bred to devour rats, the Pipers were drawn to the sounds of children at play instead and earned their name from the shrill cries made by the small children they devoured.

Overbred and under nurtured as a pup, Bosie was a stray found wandering in a park. Adopted by a well-intentioned, but inept and overbearing woman, he developed five major illnesses including: cancer, heart disease, 9rande mal epilepsy, colitis, and kidney failure. He owes his life to the daily fluid therapy he received at St. Mark’s for his kidney disease.

Despite his ill health, Bosie has enjoyed a successful career as a mega model, appearing in fashion magazines and currently gracing the cover of a novel. Now age 15, Bosie has turned his gaze inward and renounced the glamour of the fashion world for more spiritual pursuits. He spends his days meditating, writing his memoirs, and campaigning ceaselessly for animal rights worldwide. Bosie strongly identifies with Lance Armstrong and views his greatest achievement as surviving his cancer which was diagnosed in June, 1998.

On his last shoot, when interviewed and asked how he’d like to be remembered, Bosie replied, “With all due modesty, I see myself immortalized by the beau (no pun intended) monde as Rin Tin Tin was by mainstream America in the thirties.”

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