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Bonny Doon

Hi, my name is Bonny Doon and I was named in Philadelphia, PA at the White Dog Care. Although from my picture I might appear to be a Westhighland White Terrier, I truly believe that I’m really a cat…and even though I exhibit lots of Westie traits like my Scottich brogue-bark that sounds like “ya-ya-ya” and fierce loyalty to my mom and love of jewelry, it would seem that I have nine lives…

Why? Not to bore you, but I can share at least two instances with you—

Once I nearly flew out of a 17th floor apartment window when I was chasing a pigeon (who had the audacity to disturb me during my cat nap on the sofa), only to get stuck in the screen halfway out and was seen by someone in another building who alerted the doorman in my building I was saved;

And another time when I was visiting my friend who’s a doctor, Sally Haddock, she discovered that my heart wasn’t beating nearly fast enough and was a really dangerous situation. So my mom took me to the Animal medical Center to see another friend, Betsy Bond, and now I have a pacemaker and am doing really fine. I made lots of friends at the AMC so they took my picture and put me in their Annual Report-I even autographed it for them!

There have been other episodes but those are the highlights of some of my adventures-I could go on an tell you about teaching my mom to fetch, but some other time. Shhh-she really thinks I’m a dog.