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Our Animal Hospital in NYC

What's our story? We're so glad you asked! St. Marks Veterinary Hospital has been a fixture in the East Village of NYC since 1986 when Dr. Sally Haddock first opened our doors. She and her husband conducted neighborhood research to determine whether the pet owners of our community needed a local veterinarian, and they sure did! We've been proudly filling that role for several decades.

How Our Veterinary Practice Has Grown

We began as a very small, single veterinarian practice and over the years we have evolved into the five-veterinarian practice that we are today. Our team is carefully selected to include only the most dedicated pet-centered and client-centered veterinarians. We offer full half-hour appointment times- always have, always will!-because we strongly believe that extra time talking one-on-one with your veterinarian is essential to your pet's care.

Our NYC animal hospital has changed throughout the years, adding new veterinary services and team members, but our basic mindset remains the same. When we were a new neighborhood animal hospital, we provided 24-hour on-call emergency services, bending over backwards to ensure that each of our patients received the most complete care at any time of the day or night. As our neighborhood has evolved and 24-hour emergency facilities have popped up on the map, we have stopped offering this service after-hours, but we have never stopped offering the dedicated, high-level care that we have been committed to since day one. At St. Marks Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets as if they were our own!

Our NYC Veterinary Community Involvement

We are actively involved in our community, extending our love for animals and NYC even further beyond our own doorstep. We work with NY SAVE, providing emergency care to pet owners with financial need. We love our own pets so much that we want to do whatever we can to ensure all pets and their owners can have those wonderful, lifelong bonds. Our hospital also provides veterinary care through Paws NY, helping to provide veterinary services to people who are housebound and need help caring for their pet.